‘Our Hobbies Are a Little Extreme’

J$P Video! Maria Molina is back with scenes from her extraordinary honeymoon…

From Fox & Friends, 11 January 2016

‘It Was a Planned Attack by a Mob’

J$P Video! Dana Perino’s Week in Review: Guns, sexual assaults, terror in Philadelphia, Islam, politics, and more…

From Fox & Friends, 9 January 2016

‘I Was Assaulted in This Manner 15 Years Ago’

J$P Video! Outnumbered looks at the mobs of migrants committing sexual assaults in Europe, and why it isn’t it getting more coverage…

From Outnumbered, 8 January 2016

‘You Have This Infectious Happiness and Cheer’

J$P Video! Anna Kooiman has to work Christmas morning, but somebody’s on the phone…

From Fox & Friends, 25 December 2015

‘Who Are These People Anyway?’

J$P Video! Juliet Huddy joins Tucker and Clayton in a lively discussion on terror, ISIS, government spying, gun control, and more:

From Fox & Friends, 6 December 2015

‘Wrong Symbol, Wrong Signal’

J$P Video! The Political Insiders on Paris attacks and Gitmo releases:

From The Fox Report, 15 November 2015

‘It’s Funny, They Don’t Think They’re Predictable’

J$P Video! Dana Perino looks at Trump, Carson, Hillary, the mainstream media, and cattle drives:

From Fox & Friends, 24 October 2015

‘It Wasn’t Heroic…It Was Bad Journalism!’

J$P Video!  David Zurawik reviews the Dan Rather Truth movie:

From Media Buzz, 18 October 2015

‘The Marketplace Has Spoken and Trump Has Won’

J$P Video!  Why did CNBC cave to Trump’s debate demands? Lynn Sweet and Judith Miller analyze:

From Happening Now, 16 October 2015

‘I Wouldn’t Worry About Seth Rogen or GQ’

J$P Video!  Dana Perino’s week in review: Ben Carson, Paul Ryan, Putin, and more…

From Fox & Friends, 10 October 2015

‘Are You Thinking About Adding a Co-Host?’

J$P Video!  Bill O’Reilly talks Trump, Carson, Reagan, Will Farrell, and more in a lively, entertaining appearance on Fox & Friends

From Fox & Friends, 22 September 2015

‘Hillary Clinton Started It in 2008’

J$P Video!  Dana Perino talks Trump, Obama, Fiorina, Hillary, and more…

From Fox & Friends, 19 September 2015

‘It’s Almost Pointless to Respond to These Smears…’

J$P Video!  Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz blast anti-Fox lies from Salon, Media Matters, et al…

From The Kelly File, June 10 2015

‘The Police Came Up There and Killed That Boy’

J$P Video!  An eyewitness to a shooting delivers a compelling account to Leland Vittert. The only problem: there was no shooting

From Shepard Smith Reporting, May 4 2015