‘It’s Funny, They Don’t Think They’re Predictable’

J$P Video! Dana Perino looks at Trump, Carson, Hillary, the mainstream media, and cattle drives:

From Fox & Friends, 24 October 2015

3 thoughts on “‘It’s Funny, They Don’t Think They’re Predictable’”

  1. Wow.

    How good has Dana Perino become?

    I continue to be impressed with her grasp of the issues — plus no talking points, no snark or vicious zingers to undermine her credibility and an uncanny awareness of many of the motivations and political ramifications of the politics involved.

    • people think rhetoric is just verbal or non-verbal communication. in the Classical 5 canons of rhetoric Inventio has by far largest volume of information. do’s, don’ts, means, methods of thinking, developing lines of reasoning, mapping lines of reasoning, refutation, analysis of argumentation and much more. so the basis of her thinking is always solid. her delivery, pronunitiatio, is by the book. she gears her delivery to exactly the people she wishes to reach. classical excellence. Dana is likely the best rhetorician at FN, but remember she stands on the shoulders of Tony Snow,

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