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Welcome to johnny dollar’s place: your source for the latest cable news developments, exclusive videos, and the truth about Fox News. J$P is written by Mark Koldys, a Juris Doctor with nearly 30 years of courtroom experience. He is also a published writer, a musician and a composer, with a background in on-air broadcasting and production. Subscribe to our RSS feed via the icon above-right.

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    • “Thank you J$, you rock!” –Tamara Holder
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    • I love that you follow me on twitter” –Greta van Susteren
    • “Johnny Dollar’s scrutiny has made me more careful in my posts, never a bad thing.” –Julie Driscoll, Liberal TKO
    • “J$, you are the very best….You rock!” –Janice Dean
    • “I intend to post comments about his character on every other blog that cites him.” –Ellen Brodsky, newshounds
    • “He’s absolutely obsessed with my every utterance.” –Ellen Brodsky, newshounds
    • “Johnny Dollar is always a great source for cablenews coverage.” –Jim Pinkerton
    • “I value your commitment to fairness and accuracy in reporting and in holding the media and its players accountable for their words and actions.” –Alex Alvarez, Mediaite
    • Johnny Dollar is a phat phucking psychopath! –M Slootsky
    • “The only cable news blog that matters.” –Dorsey Shaw, BuzzFeed
    • “Enjoy your bizarre, hollow victory.” –‘Joeremi’
    • “I love ya, dollar.” –Brian Stelter, CNN
    • “Thank God for Johnny Dollar!” –John Gibson


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