‘A Great Opportunity to Tell This Story’

J$P Video! WWII veteran looks back on D-Day; country music star commemorates his memories in song. More info here.

From One Nation  4 June 2022

Flashback: It’s a Wonderful Life, FNC-Style

J$P Video! A J$P Christmastime tradition:

From Fox News Channel, Christmas 2004

Flashback: It’s a Wonderful Life, FNC-Style

J$P Video! A J$P Christmas tradition:

From Fox News Channel, Christmas 2004

An Update from Janice Dean in Quarantine

J$P Video! Shannon Bream talks to Janice Dean, the ‘Weather Machine’, in quarantine:

From Fox News @ Night 30 November 2018

‘You Were There for Me’

J$P Video! On his last day co-hosting Fox & Friends Weekend, Ed Henry gets the traditional ‘best of’ highlights reel, then things got emotional. With Pete Hegseth, Emily Compagno, Rick Reichmuth.

From Fox & Friends Weekend 5 January 2020

‘Matthew and Peter, I Hope You’re Watching This!’

J$P Video! A new challenge for Janice Dean:

From Fox & Friends 30 November 2018

‘It Feels Terrible We’re In a Place Like This’

J$P Video! Double standards and a vulgar attack on the President’s daughter:

From Outnumbered 31 May 2018

‘It Plays to the Worst in the Democratic Party’

J$P Video! Judith Miller and Joe Concha examine Hillary’s ill-conceived Grammy gig:

From Happening Now 29 January 2018

‘Well, Shep, That’s Certainly Your Opinion…’

J$P Video! Shepard Smith warns viewers about Devin Nunes and his memo; a tense exchange with Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics follows:

From Shepard Smith Reporting 25 January 2018

‘I Didn’t Think I Was Going to Do This’

J$P Video! Clayton Morris signs off Fox & Friends:

From Fox & Friends, 3 September 2017

‘Isn’t That What Comey Did? Isn’t That a Felony?’

J$P Video! Gregg Jarrett gives you the legal lowdown on Comey, Trump, and more, with fellow attorneys Misty Harris and Kisha Hebbon:

From America’s News HQ, 11 June 2017

‘An Anchor Has No Business Saying That’

J$P Video! Joe Concha talks to Jesse Watters about the weekend’s hot media controversies:

From Watters’ World, 4 June 2017

‘Better than MSNBC?’

J$P Video! Happy Birthday, Abby Huntsman!

From Fox & Friends, 30 April 2017

‘That Was My Responsibility as an American’

J$P Video! ‘Lone Survivor’ Marcus Luttrell gives Ainsley Earhardt a tour of his ranch…along with some shooting lessons:

From Fox & Friends, 5 February 2017

Bonus video: Interview

‘I Wasn’t Supposed to Be Drinking on the Job’

J$P Video! Brian Kilmeade’s tour of the Inauguration Media Complex:

From Fox & Friends, 19 January 2017