Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Politico is taken aback: FNC pundits air diverse viewpoints!
  • What’s in Maria’s B’s bag?  What’s Ahnold’s favorite tv show?
  • Q&A: Bill O’Reilly talks about his charity work. Today’s oops.
  • Outnumbered video: Andy Levy joins
  • Farhi: As cable news audiences decline, prime time is fading.
  • Wemple and Cupp have words on twitter…and it’s not a spat!
  • Imus videos: talk free speech etc.
  • Hill: Did CNN’s approach to Michael Gray case incite Baltimore?
  • Factor video: Bernard Goldberg and O’Reilly agree…
  • Nededog: The Feds partner with CNN to work on drones for news.

Wednesday Links and Open Thread

Tuesday Links and Open Thread

‘The Police Came Up There and Killed That Boy’

J$P Video!  An eyewitness to a shooting delivers a compelling account to Leland Vittert. The only problem: there was no shooting

From Shepard Smith Reporting, May 4 2015

Monday Links and Open Thread

Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos:
  • Reliable Sources: Baltimore, Brian Williams, ‘thug’ is racist.
  • Somerby: Maddow never reported officer’s exoneration.
  • Your Buzz:
  • Cablenewsers go back to school.  Joe Concha moonlights.
  • Zurawik: The media didn’t light the fires.  Sunday talkers.
  • CNNC: Chris Cuomo should fess up and take responsibility.
  • Legends & Lies turns spotlight on NevadaBanned in Vegas.

Friday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Why The Nightly Show
  • Thursday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Rutz: MSNBC and Kremlin-funded RT have much in common.
  • Q&A: Leland Vittert in Baltimore; Liz Claman and her playlist.
  • Wemple: CNN asked Pew to revise numbers, Pew said ‘sure!’
  • Gahr: As trial approaches Ed Schultz witnesses are cowering.
  • Factor video: on media Baltimore coverage.
  • But it’s an exclusiveWho’s who?  Video: CNN’s NSFW whoops.