Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday numbers: TownHall #1. Dayside, prime.
  • Mary Katherine Ham finds work…writing for Outkick.
  • CNN 90-minute Town Hall ran less than 70 minutes.
  • Bill O’Reilly critiques ‘confrontational‘ Kaitlan Collins.
  • Video: Megyn rips CNN town hall
  • Chris Licht praises masterful performance by Collins.
  • Chris Licht’s offer adds insult to injury for Don Lemon.
  • CNN to offer Kaitlan Collins a nightly primetime show.
  • Scarry: It’s Trump vs the enemy-of-the-people media.
  • White House claims authority to expel rude reporters.
  • Could Tucker’s new show spell doom for Elon’s twitter?
  • Left erupts over CNN town hall: ‘a disgusting spectacle’.
  • MSNBCNN skip presser.  Today’s lawsuit.  Podcast prize.

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