Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday numbers: The Five #1.  Dayside, prime.
  • Kaitlan omits her work for Tucker in CNN convo.
  • NewsNation signs Mick Mulvaney as contributor.
  • Bauder: Trump forum a big test for Kaitlan Collins.
  • Shannon Bream: I am a sinner, saved by His grace.
  • Mediaite: Will this time be different for Fox News?
  • Megyn video: Legal analysis of
  • Stelter concerned over Tucker having free speech.
  • CNN: ‘Right wing extremist‘ moving show to twitter.
  • It’s ‘unlikely’ anyone can stop Tucker’s broadcasting.
  • Q&A: Chris Hayes discusses his productivity routine.
  • Kari Lake slams FNC during interview on Fox Nation.
  • CNBC axes anchor who filed complaint against CEO.

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