Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: The Five #1.  Dayside, prime.
  • Lemon to return, will undergo ‘formal training’.
  • Megyn Kelly has helpful tips for Don’s ‘training’.
  • Lemon drops out of Black History Month event.
  • Insiders calling CNN a disaster, a ‘dumpster fire‘.
  • Krakauer: Media finally tell the truth…far too late.
  • Gutfeld! video: Biden says
  • F&F video: Social media making bias even worse.
  • FTV: Andrea Mitchell not so woke; awful weather.
  • Technical difficulties: Melber off air for entire show.
  • NewsNation launches branded connected-tv apps.
  • Circling back: Psaki to host MSNBC/Peacock show.

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