Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Weds numbers: Tucker #1.  Dayside, prime.
  • Julie Banderas’ husband arrested for assault.
  • MSNBCNN upset Haley didn’t call USA ‘racist’.
  • Don Lemon’s apology hints at tensions on set.
  • ‘Furious’ Poppy and Kaitlan storm off CNN set.
  • Lemon (56): Nikki Haley (50) is ‘past her prime‘.
  • Fox Nation got a boost from Roseanne special.
  • Q&A: Wolf Blitzer and producer Emily Atkinson.
  • Nicolle Wallace has overreaction to Gaetz news.
  • Fired Chris Cuomo: ‘I was gonna kill everybody…’
  • Jonathan Capehart gets a second MSNBC show.
  • CNN mum as Clapper throws Bertrand under bus.
  • The Five video: Biden response to

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