Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday numbers: The Five #1. Dayside, prime.
  • Monday’s numbers: Tucker #1.  Dayside, prime.
  • Fox News beats MSNBC/CNN combined in Nov.
  • Fox Nation is thriving where CNN+ was a failure.
  • Fourth Watch: Twitter fear, 1/6, the Disinfo Dude.
  • Weekend numbers: FNC dominates.   Late night.
  • Friday numbers: The Five #1. Dayside, primetime.
  • Layoffs begin at CNN as WB/Discovery cuts costs.
  • Out# video: Lemon claims CNN
  • Oh, Joy: Republicans are banning Holocaust books.
  • Nancy Grace slams Peacock’s Casey Anthony series.
  • Impartial CNN producer tweets about Nancy Pelosi.
  • F&F video: over Afghan pullout.

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