Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday numbers: Tucker #1. Dayside, primetime.
  • Greg Gutfeld gets the #12 slot on distinguished list.
  • Network suits mull moving Seth Meyers to MSNBC.
  • Howe: Blue-check journos outraged at Kara Swisher.
  • Turley: Tapper failed to ask the key Hunter questions.
  • Tapper 9pm debut loses to Hannity and Alex Wagner.
  • Why MSNBC, CNN are battling for second place at 9p.
  • Unaired segments of Kanye interview raise eyebrows.
  • Colby Hall: Tucker Carlson flat-out lied to his audience.
  • MSNBC to air ‘Kornacki Countodown‘ on Friday nights.
  • Newsy may become a new template for national news.
  • The Five video: Debate turns rowdy.
  • Megyn Kelly names the most racist person on television.

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