Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: The Five #1. Dayside; primetime.
  • Fox Weather reporter saves woman in Dallas flood.
  • Author calls Fox Nation movie ‘beautiful adaptation‘.
  • ‘Inspiring!’: Leftist analysts eulogize Reliable Sources.
  • Today’s boycott: That ‘new corporate oligarchy’ CNN.
  • Breaking Points video: Brian’s
  • Hall: Brian’s ouster a preview of Licht’s plans for CNN.
  • Video: Concha reacts to Brian Stelter
  • Brian couldn’t resist a shot at the boss on his way out.
  • Poynter: It was a sad day for media watchers and CNN.
  • For the first time, Kurtz comments about Brian’s show.
  • Stelter’s last show reminds us just why it was cancelled.
  • Vets Hegseth, Jones et al look back at Afghanistan war.
  • After ignoring the border for a year CNN sends reporter.

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