Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday numbers: Tucker-The Five-Gutfeld! 1-2-3.
  • Cable news program shares: total viewers, demo.
  • Janice Dean reacts to Cuomo plot to discredit her.
  • Video: Janice Dean was warned
  • Cuomo flap exposes dangers of ‘newsertainment’.
  • Turncoat Trump staffer finds work…guess where!?
  • When Biden asks for spin, the media start to whirl.
  • Video: Saagar and Krystal on
  • Katz: The top candidates to host Fox News Sunday.
  • Baier, Perino, Faulkner, Bream etc to rotate on FNS.
  • Scarry: Fox News’ Sunday show should be different.
  • Burge: Evangelicals watch Fox, Muslims go for CNN.
  • Audio: Martha MacCallum discusses ‘the gift of faith‘.
  • Weather Channel ran hours of reruns as tornadoes hit.

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