Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Chris Cuomo part of plot to discredit Janice Dean.
  • Thursday numbers: Tucker-The Five-Hannity 1-2-2.
  • 4th Watch podcast: Tucker talks Cuomo, CNN, 1/6.
  • Don Lemon admits Jussie lied, avoids his own role.
  • Reid, Maddow, Hayes, BriWi etc ignored the verdict.
  • Flashback: Remember Brian Stelter’s Jussie tweets?
  • Black News Channel cancels its live weekend shows.
  • Lyin’ Brian signs off from MSNBC; his parting words.
  • CNN extends Smerconish pm gig through Christmas.
  • Don Lemon literally sings Biden’s praises over 5 cents.
  • Megyn Kelly video: Mark Garagos on

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