Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • R.I.P. Rush, videos:
  • Too late: CNN bans Cuomo from interviewing his family.
  • Wemple: A conflict of interest stains CNN’s Chris Cuomo.
  • Greenwald: False reports still being spread about the riot.
  • Fox Nation to air new, exclusive Tucker Carlson programs.
  • Brian Williams’ stealth cleansing of Lincoln Project guests.
  • Scarborough dismisses BLM/Antifa riots that killed dozens.
  • Kudlow’s first apology.  Ana Cabrera, Blackwell get pm slots.
  • Tucker video: The corrupt media
  • Monday’s numbers: Tucker Carlson-Hannity-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Andrew Cuomo aide may get Zuck’s job?  Weekend numbers.

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