Flashback: It’s a Wonderful Life, FNC-Style

J$P Video! A J$P Christmas tradition:

From Fox News Channel, Christmas 2004

12 thoughts on “Flashback: It’s a Wonderful Life, FNC-Style”

    • I wondered if anyone would notice that. For this year I did a re-edit. Instead of ending with Doocy running thru the snowy street, I switched it around and ended with the gathering by the Christmas tree. I did this because it’s a parody on It’s a Wonderful Life, and the new sequence matches the film’s chronology. But the other version is still on youtube and I can switch them out in this post with a few keystrokes.

      The original showings had the whole thing divided into four segments, all airing separately. So it’s impossible to know what the producers intended the sequence to be (other than parts 1 and 2 flowed into each other so obviously go together).

      There’s another subtle difference: in the earlier version I cropped off the scrolling news ticker at the bottom. This time I left it in for historical interest.

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