Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Tucker-Cooper-Cuomo 1-2-3.
  • Adam Housley takes on Stelter in epic twitter wrangle.
  • Brian Stelter bashes Parler: It’s ‘a threat to democracy‘.
  • Pompeo: Zucker expected to leave CNN early next year.
  • CNN acquires Veep documentary ‘President in Waiting’.
  • Levin: I will likely be leaving Facebook due to censorship.
  • Roff: Conservative criticism of Fox News is short-sighted.
  • Hunter: Attention Trump fans, Fox News isn’t the problem.
  • CNN made ‘little or no effort‘ to fact-check dramatic claim.
  • Maria Bartiromo honored.  Q&A: Pete Hegseth makes book.
  • Laura video: Canvassers threatened,
  • Maddow explains why she’s been off the air for over a week.

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