Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: CNN special election coverage 1-2-3.
  • Fourth Watch: Vengeance, narcissism, Jim Acosta, etc.
  • F&F video: Joe Concha debuts as
  • Tapper warns Trump voters about future employment.
  • Next Rev  video: An defeated.
  • Official CNN PR statement: The nation just chose truth.
  • Second thoughts: Coop ‘regrets’, but doesn’t apologize.
  • Keveney: Nets see ‘rare 2020 joy‘ at Biden-Harris event.
  • Attkisson: CNN went from reporting news to slanting it.
  • See the ‘stunning and brave’ action taken by Brian Stelter.
  • Brian lets the cat out of the bag: Let the bootlicking begin!

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