Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz video: Media predict a
  • Reliable Sources videos: Evil Fox News; dishonest Trump.
  • Greenwald: US media’s scandalous conspiracy of silence.
  • Catching up with Harris Faulkner, rising star at Fox News.
  • Tapper tells the NY Post accept censorship, delete tweets.
  • CNN responds to Kirstie Alley’s criticisms by insulting her.
  • Farhi: CNN’s lying contributor will stay on.  Sunday talkers.
  • Hemingway: Here’s how US media are rigging the election.
  • Martha preps for election night.  Fox Nation Patriot Awards.
  • MSNBC talent recall behind-the-scenes, election night 2016.
  • Late Night video: Shep Smith and more.

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