Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Maddow-Hannity-Kilmeade 1-2-3.
  • Harris Faulkner getting a bigger spotlight at Fox News.
  • Harris Faulkner is used to people making presumptions.
  • Brit Hume reacts to claim Fox ‘exploits’ Harris Faulkner.
  • Hansen: Bryan Llenas bringing a new voice to Fox News.
  • NewsMax TV moving on up: may overtake Fox Business.
  • Heather Childers’s name removed from Fox News roster.
  • Video: Krystal and Saagar on Chuck Todd’s
  • Brian aghast at Fox News banner; Cuomo has ‘a meltdown‘.
  • Black News Channel breaks stereotypes with positive stories.
  • Claim: FNC employees are up in arms over channel’s ‘racism’.
  • Video: Laura Ingraham’s ‘descent into despair‘.

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