Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz: the Omar
  • Resistance Sources: Evil Facebook; evil Trump; evil Rush.
  • Video: Leland Vittert tells how rioters
  • Houck: Don Lemon repeatedly lies about Trump ‘silence’.
  • Fox News crew at the White House chased by angry mob.
  • Brian scolded for likening journo’s arrest to Floyd’s death.
  • CNN assigns blame for reporter arrest: ‘Trump’s America’!
  • Cuomo has an odd take on rioters at CNN. Sunday talkers.
  • MSNBC anchor agrees with rioters: Why play by the rules?
  • Tucker video: Our leaders have sided with
  • After mocking from critics Chris Cuomo ratings cut in half.
  • Q&A: Kristin Fisher, journalist, daughter of two astronauts.
  • Lift-off letdown: CNN bungles its SpaceX launch coverage.
  • Weissman quit MSNBC to do a fundraiser…Biden cancels it.
  • Q&A: Fox’s Jeff Collins on ads, upfronts in times of COVID19.

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