Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Fourth Watch: Biden’s blunder; Soledad’s smear; and more.
  • MediaBuzz vids: Farrow
  • Resistance Sources: Crazy Trump; stupid Trump; Ronan Farrow.
  • Jonathan Turley: CNN doctoring quotes to protect Biden.
  • CNN was used to spread lies, and they’re just fine with it.
  • Janice Dean: Our loved ones deserved better, Gov Cuomo.
  • Lowe: No accident CNN hasn’t apologized to Janice Dean.
  • (MS)NBC legal analyst headlining fundraiser for Joe Biden.
  • Chris Cuomo spreads already-debunked conspiracy theory.
  • CNN covers up Biden’s racial gaffe.  Today’s lawsuit update.
  • Ali Velshi: Trump might be violating church/state separation.
  • CNN panel of Democrats cries ‘Danger!’ at opening churches.
  • Coop won’t leave CNN ‘for twice the money’.  Sunday talkers.

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