Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz: questions;
  • Reliable Sources: We’re not OK, but Carson Daly is managing.
  • Mrs Cuomo’s ‘crackpot treatments‘ could endanger people.
  • What does CNN know about the rape charge that we don’t?
  • Reade scolds Coop et al:  ‘I want the same equal treatment!’
  • Larry King episode missing from CNN’s Google Play catalog.
  • CNN breaks silence on Tara Reade; the newsletter still mum.
  • Shocker: Chris gave guv a pass.   Twitter spat: Greg vs Hillary.
  • Media Matters founder in hot water?  Is Tyrus moonlighting?
  • CNN objected to print journalist getting their front-row seat.
  • CNN sat on its own clip, scooped by Intercept.  Sunday talkers.

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