Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz vids: claims;
  • Greg Gutfeld video: The media’s useless
  • Reliable Sources: Evil Trump; evil Fox; evil task force briefings.
  • FNC airs ‘America Together‘ Sunday night.  Acosta vs Birx.
  • Darcy defends CNN’s ‘accurate reporting’; others disagree.
  • Where in the world are the news anchors?  Sunday talkers.
  • When Dana speaks…people listen.   This is no ‘pillow fight’.
  • CNN hiding Planned Parenthood history of 44-time guest.
  • Greta van Susteren to launch nightly coronavirus newscast.
  • Jashinsky: Cuomos’ shtick may be cute but it’s irresponsible.
  • Allsop: Why does CNN let Cuomo interview his own brother?

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