Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: question;
  • Resistance Sources: Evil FoxMcSally; dumb Trump; more evil Fox.
  • Why Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures dwarfs its rivals.
  • Sorry, MSNBC: Shep just isn’t that into you.  Sunday talkers.
  • A ‘missing’ Parts Unknown episode features Bourdain in Iran.
  • Fox News tops impeachment coverage; Maddow gets a bump.
  • Thin-skinned CNN hall monitor getting heat for snooty tweet.
  • Watters’ World video: Joe Concha finds
  • Marcus: If CNN can’t take punches, they shouldn’t throw them.
  • CNN fell for McSally’s trap; their bias is now beyond laughable.
  • Disney drops ‘Fox’ branding: ‘Fox means Murdoch—that’s toxic.’
  • Concha: Latest example why trust in media is a four-letter word.

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