Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz vids: Joe
  • Resistance Sources: Frum1Frum2, Sam Donaldson, evil Trump.
  • Nolte: CNN is employing a shameless liar.   Sunday talkers.
  • Howe: CNN is ‘deluging the airwaves‘ with misinformation.
  • Concha: ‘Disturbing pattern‘ in media coverage of airtstrike.
  • The Mirror:  Stelter, Lahren, Raymond Arroyo, Geraldo, et al.
  • Katy, lately: I am questioning the evidence, because of 2003.
  • Lara Logan cornered in Mexico.  Gretchen Carlson finds work.
  • Stiles: Stephanie broke the Ruhles but gets promoted anyhow.

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