Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • First reactions to Chris Wallace
  • MediaBuzz videos: media
  • Reliable Sources: Evil Fox; more evil Fox; Jim Lehrer; Gretchen.
  • Megyn talks Bombshell: I would have made some edits.
  • Frontline video: PBS in depth
  • Megyn mulling jobs in digital news arena.   Sunday talkers.
  • In Bombshell, FNC employees are naive, cynical, or just evil.
  • Alisyn relives the trauma of fifteen long years at Fox News.
  • Flashback: Stelter hits FNC for calling the dossier ‘made up’.
  • Parks and Recreation.  Who’s tv’s biggest dossier defender?
  • Fox Nation adds Christmas tv classics.  Today’s lawsuit update.
  • Somerby recalls Maddow calling Carter Page ‘a Russian agent‘.
  • CNN hires Blake Essig, MSNBC gets Lindsey Reiser. Trey’s back.

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