Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz vids: John dull
  • ‘Reliable’ Sources: Katie Hill; evil Fox; it’s a conspiracy; it’s a cult!
  • Brian Kilmeade: How I became the man I am today.
  • Concha: CNN analyst under a gag order not to analyze!
  • Video: Wild and wooly with Ed Henry.
  • Reliable Sources reveals guests and people have thoughts.
  • Nunes rips ‘demonstrably false‘ CNN report, preps lawsuit.
  • Somerby: ‘Disordered’ Maddow should be taken off the air.
  • FBI takes interest in Eric Shawn investigation of Hoffa case.
  • Woodstock approves land transfer to Tucker.  Sunday talkers.
  • Why debate made no news.  Yang wants apology from MSNBC.
  • Dan Rather a CNN regular despite faked news, forged evidence.

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