Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Freaky Friday numbers: Maddow-Hannity-Tucker 1-2-3.
  • Megyn back on Fox News Wednesday for Tucker interview.
  • Steinberg: ‘News stars’ will fill Shepard Smith’s 3pm role.
  • Zucker, softballs, vendettas, Fox News etc.
  • Project Veritas announces major undercover exposé of CNN.
  • Today’s ‘Why is Trump complaining about Fox News’ rehash.
  • The Mirror:  Chuck Todd, Stelter, Tomi Lahren, Soledad, et al.
  • The Next Revolution video: Ukraine and
  • Stelter’s latest Trump attack dinged for lack of self-awareness.
  • Salo: (MS)NBC exec made female employees go to peep shows.
  • Trace Gallagher set to anchor the debut of Fox News Reporting.

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