Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • F&F video: An from Ed Henry.  More.
  • MediaBuzz vids: crisis; paranoia; Ngo
  • Reliable Sources: Epstein; census flap; Carl Bernstein; Campaign Carl.
  • Out# video: Did apolitical July 4 event
  • Daily Caller podcast: The of the year…(so far).
  • Is Sunny Hostin leaking damaging info against Meghan McCain?
  • CNN’s $70M payout.  It’s a boy!  Dianne Gallagher’s miscarriage.
  • CNN struggles persist: lost 20% of viewers in Q2.  Sunday talkers.
  • Impartial reporters fume over speech; CNN breaks for commercials.
  • CNN fakes movie history: their view is like that of a ‘moronic fanboy’.

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