Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz vids: hype; kids; time; visit.
  • Reliable Sources: Kamala; soft on Trump; Ailes horror story; DMZ.
  • Axios reveals Stelter’s upcoming book and Greta has thoughts.
  • Mika: I’m the reason for MoJo‘s success.  Q&A: Stephanie Ruhle.
  • Charles Hurt on Acosta: He’s an embarrassment to village idiots.
  • Maddow: MSNBC has been ‘studiously neutral‘ to all candidates.
  • CNN special: The Explosion of White Supremacy.  Sunday talkers.
  • Tucker videos: on immigration; on Biden.
  • Critics say (MS)NBC hosts ‘not up to the task‘ of moderating debate.

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