Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz vids: Sarah the
  • Resistance Sources:  Andrew Yang; impeach; migrants; hacking.
  • Jashinsky: Gutfeld success reveals MSM’s cultural blindspots.
  • Somerby: Nicolle Wallace’s sing-along…climbers and agreers.
  • The Five video: as foreign intel flap swirls.
  • Profile: FBN’s Blake Burman (via TV Newser).   Sunday talkers.
  • Stelter rejects Trump info: it’s from a channel with low ratings.
  • Hands on with CNN’s Magic Leap.   Dems on Fox, attacking Fox.
  • Revolving door: CNNer under consideration for WH press sec’y.
  • The Mirror: Brian Stelter, Hannity, Jim Acosta et al.  Jim vs Sean.
  • Indoctrination: 72% of MSNBCNN time on one Trump comment.

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