Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: I National
  • Reliable Sources: Right-wing rageFox; Mayor Pete; Ihlan Omar.
  • Huck re-ups…and Brian Stelter is on top of the story.
  • Harsanyi: Why do Democrats keep pandering to The Rev?
  • Joyella: How MSNBC has relegated CNN to a weak third place.
  • Q&A: Martha MacCallum in Bethlehem, Harris Faulkner in Iowa.
  • F&F video: Sunday’s Town Hall America.
  • Trump calls Dems’ bluff; videos:
  • Olby whines about lack of gratitude from Maddow and Kornacki.
  • A ‘bunch of  softball questions‘.  Acosta awarded.  Sunday talkers.

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