Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Freaky Friday numbers: Tucker-The Five-Maddow 1-2-3
  • F&F video: Joe Concha calls Northam’s presser
  • SE Cupp, Joy, Erin, CNN et al targets of MAGA teens’ libel suit.
  • The Five video: Greg unloads on one more time.
  • Daily Briefing video: Greg Gutfeld for her queso.
  • Zeleny now Senior Correspondent.  Dana’s queso.  Today’s oops.
  • Steve Doocy:  My wife vetoed Keto…and I am so happy she did.
  • Kellyanne’s criticism of Cory Booker triggers outrage from Cupp.
  • Stelter to AO-C chief of staff: Do you talk to her about Fox News?

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