Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • She watches CNN’s ‘terrible media show‘ so you don’t have to.
  • MediaBuzz videos: the exam.
  • Reliable Sources videos: Buzzfeed; Trump lies; shutdown victims.
  • CNN anchors give a pass to anti-Semitic Rep.  Sunday talkers.
  • Greg Gutfeld video: Gillette markets to
  • Joy Reid guest: Trump talk 100% ‘recreation of Nazi Germany‘.
  • Impartial CNN anchor: Why should VP’s wife get SS protection?
  • CNN: Don’t let the furor over Buzzfeed obscure the ‘big picture’.
  • Video: Concha Audio: Concha with Tom Shillue.
  • Fake Newsarama: MSNBCNN hyped ‘impeachment’ 179 times Friday.

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