Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Which do you choose…
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker-Ingraham 1-2-3.
  • Wulfsohn: CNN anchors defend and normalize mob behavior.
  • Babbling Brooke: Please stop referring to that mob as a ‘mob’.
  • Lemon parrots CNN ‘mob” talking point, tells guest: ‘Shut up!’
  • Video: as token negro, hospitalized, can’t read.
  • Don Lemon collapses in laughter at racist slurs of Kanye West.
  • Q&A Maria Bartiromo: CNN isn’t news, it’s an opinion network.
  • Q&A Trish Regan: ‘I look back on it and for sure it was a mistake.’
  • Rothstein: Conservatives stick up for beleaguered CNN reporter.
  • Tucker Carlson video: reveal their real strategy.
  • CNN sets two debates, one town hall.  MSNBC teams with Politicon.
  • Attn Pulitzer Cmte: CNN does another segment on Trump’s ‘member‘.

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