Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump women
  • Reliable Sources: Standards; Trump vs women; Trump’s taxes.
  • CNN media critic uses twitter filter to remove ‘hateful’ replies.
  • Janice Dean: ‘Where do we draw the line? It’s sick, dangerous.’
  • Brian Kilmeade stalked and harassed in NYC.  Sunday talkers.
  • Saturday coverage: Fox News.  Florida’s friendliest home town.
  • MSNBC anchor: Last two weeks felt like one long primal scream.
  • Impartial CNN ‘legal analyst’ actually parrots Dem talking points.
  • Mediaite: The best 7pm cable news show.  FNC: Hollywood-style.
  • New Yorker media critic: CNN is becoming the ‘all-Trump network‘.
  • MSNBC host: Kavanaugh fans are like mobs who attended lynchings.
  • The Five video: Gutfeld on  Today’s Megyn rumor.

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