Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: AG
  • Reliable Sources: Right-wing smears; bad Fox; Anita Hill; Trump.
  • Five things you didn’t know about Kat Timpf.  Perino: 20 years.
  • Lisa Ling discusses season five of This Is Life…  Fake fake news.
  • Comcast wins auction for Sky.  Pundit Steven Miller leaves CNN.
  • Facebook, instagram, twitter: where in the world is Jamie Colby?
  • Girlfriend accuses top Dem of assault: no coverage on MSNBCNN.
  • Again and again, Andy Lack let accused harassers keep their jobs.
  • Joyella: Is Fox’s Tucker Carlson destined to dominate cable news?
  • Video: his election specials.  Sunday talkers.
  • Q&A: Pippa Scaife.  Video Q&A: Mika B.  Audio Q&A: Jesse Watters.

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