Friday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Trump at NRA convention.
  • Thursday’s numbers: Maddow-Sean Hannity-O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Cable news swells gather for Richard Grenell’s farewell soiree.
  • Somerby: MSNBCNN Stormy fixation is ‘so stupid it squeaks‘.
  • Steinberg: Nicolle Wallace is a ‘seeker of the truth‘.  Flashback.
  • Sinclair prepping to challenge FNC; Greta, Rosen possible hires.
  • The ‘unavoidable’ Brian Stelter not satisfied with ‘just the facts’.
  • Stelter says Kanye acting like ‘a gift to racists‘, but opinions vary.
  • Has the UN enlisted in The War on Fox?  A MoJo low: Trump’s STD?
  • Scarry: She’s a liberal media sacred cow…she’s not going anywhere.
  • Hannity video: Mark Levin explains legal precedent

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