Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Cabinet Trump Tom
  • Reliable Sources: WHCA President. ‘Theatrical‘ outrage. Brokaw.
  • F&F video: Why of the WHCD.
  • #MeWho? Maddow, Mitchell etc side with BrokawFlashback.
  • Tom Brokaw responds to Linda Vester by playing the Fox card.
  • Maddow paraphrase exact opposite of what Trump really said.
  • Today’s Tapper Q&A.   Profile: Bourdain.   Judge Nap honored.
  • Reid: ‘I genuniely don’t believe‘ I wrote that stuff, but I’m sorry.
  • Joy Reid ‘experts’ back-pedal on internet archive hacking claim.
  • Liz MacDonald to host Evening Edit on Fox Biz.  Sunday talkers.
  • Video: Kim Strassel recommends a for Trump.

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