Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • While MSNBCNN go ‘Stormy’, Fox is covering the Syria crisis.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Rachel Maddow-Laura 1-2-3.
  • Hyland: Joy Reid ‘quietly changing the game‘ for women on tv.
  • Videos: Hannity, Concha talks
  • Kurtz: Some who mock Hannity are themselves fierce partisans.
  • The outing of Hannity violated long-standing judicial standards.
  • CNN lawyer urged unmasking of Hannity.  Tapper smears Libby.
  • Trump regards Sean Hannity as ‘incredibly smart and articulate‘.
  • Ingraham video: on ‘fake news’ and free speech.
  • Lindsay Czarniak resurfaces.   CNN manages to insult Ghana again.

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