Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Betsy watches Brian take a trip to ‘Trump’s Fantasyland’.
  • MediaBuzz videos: the her Gates’s
  • Reliable Sources: Fantasyland; Beck; shootings; Dan Rather.
  • Concha: Levin reveals what makes his show truly different.
  • Q&A: Mark Levin previews his new show (premiering Sunday).
  • Megyn is ‘hated’ at NBC: ‘rude, disrespectful…she will not last’.
  • Q&A: Alisyn Camerota.  Concha: Cable news ad revenues surge.
  • MSNBC anchors think handgun bullets too slow to stop shooter.
  • Correll:  CNN responds to claims of scripted town hall questions.
  • Trump backer blames fake news CNN for threats. Sunday talkers.
  • Live interview with Trump scheduled for Saturday night’s Justice.
  • CNN tells its journalists to calm down when they’re around celebs.

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