Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Panel reacts to
  • Wednesday numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker-Ingraham 1-2-3.
  • CNN boasts it ‘debunked’ Fox News story…but there’s a catch.
  • How cyberbullying helped Janice Dean embrace her strengths.
  • Extra spotlights Hannity.   CNN reporter retweets fake account.
  • Daily Show video: and Trevor Noah.  Bret on the links.
  • Tucker Carlson video: How Google tracks you
  • CNN beats discrimination lawsuit.  Mr Bill de-degreed.  Shah? Nah.

18 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Hey, J$, when was that pic of Alisyn Camerota in the shades posing with a rifle taken that sometimes appears as a header? Was she still with FNC or had she decamped for the Schiffhole News Network already? And who’s her sidekick?

    • Happy to say I still have all the honorary degrees I have been award… even knowing I’m only a accusation away from losing one or two.

  2. Drudge headline (no article link)

    Perhaps JZ & BS? LOL.
    (How dare I joke about this matter or media – only liberals are permitted)

  3. I have grown so tired of all these “How (insert celebrity) stood up to cyberbullies” stories. Here’s a helpful hint — delete your twitter, facebook, Instagram, etc accounts —- problem solved.

    For the record, Janice seems like a really nice lady. But for the love of God, enough with these stories of the brave celebrity going after anonymous, idiotic cyber trolls.

  4. You know kids and dogs have this unreasonable expectation that they should be fed every day.

    Husbands do too.

    • It’s a good thing that our cat can open the can. She’d open every damn one of them, then declare them to be “Crap!”

  5. Somerby has given the movie ,The Shape of Water, a wonderfully cogent and entertaining review.

    I wish he was younger so I didn’t have to worry about him dying.

    • “In part, the FBI trusted Steele because it had to; the bureau had no other evidence that would have sufficed to win a warrant to wiretap Page. “

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Nah
    4 helped Janice Dean
    3 on the links
    2 de-degreed
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN boasts it ‘debunked’ Fox News story…but there’s a catch.

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