Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Video: R.I.P Sunday House Call host
  • MediaBuzz videos: playing
  • Reliable Sources: Bad Hannity; bad Fox News; why size matters.
  • Abby Huntsman: My grandpa truly lived the American Dream.
  • MSNBC analyst: Trump is a ‘dictator’…’We need a revolution!’
  • TCG: Whose deep state plot is it anyway?  Why CNBC is tanking.
  • Q&A: Eric Bolling on his son’s death; Liz Claman on markets etc.
  • Videos: Memo reactions from
  • Krystal Ball finds work.  Brennan joins (MS)NBC.  Sunday talkers.

47 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Always amusing when someone wants the people to start a revolution while also supporting gun control. Someone didn’t pay attention in history class.

      • I was going to write about the second amendment and percentages of the population, but i erased it all because the mouthy son’s of bitches are all pussies. If they can’t talk someone else into doing it, and rabble rouse like tranny cheerleaders, then it will not get done. There is your state of the Leftist Media right now. All Pussies. Please don’t like or respond i would probably have to tell you how I really feel 🙂

  2. ? You say you want a revolution
    Well, you know
    We all want to change the world.
    But if you want money for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell is brother you have to wait
    Don’t you know it’s gonna be
    All right, all right, all right ?

    • I don’t know. He’s got a lot of competition at his own network, plus that gold standard of crackpoterry – CNN.

      • What a difference a day or so makes to all that brouhaha about declassifying the memo.

        Shep is so disingenuous with this.

        The FBI used information against Trump bought by the Clintons from the same sorts of Russians that the FBI is investigating Donald, Jr for meeting with in order to get damning info on the Clintons!

        They got a FISA warrant based upon info news agencies wouldn’t even air. That in order to wiretap a Trump campaign official and thereby gain access to all emails sent to him via Trump and company…to listen in to his phone calls and put everyone who talked to him a risk of being unmasked by the lovely Susan Rice and company.

        Someone needs to tell Shep that people are not being smeared by being guestioned about this stuff.

  3. SLN Weekend Update treated the Nunes memo like liberals do any issue when backed in a corner: insult people’s looks.

  4. I’m still too upset with the NFL to watch any of the SUPER BOWl. Might just pop a bowl of corn and set with the doog to watch a movie. Maybe BLACK SUNDAY.

    • I’m not going to watch the damn thing either. To hell with the ungrateful bastards squatting during our National Anthem.

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Eric Bolling
    4 is tanking
    3 MSNBC analyst
    2 finds work
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Video: R.I.P Sunday House Call host Dr Isadore Rosenfeld.

  6. (MEDIABUZZ) I liked that Molly and the lady sitting an inch from her spoke from polar opposite points of view, but neither talked over the other.

    “The FBI officially authorized payments to Christopher Steele, who wrote the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, but then fired the former British spy for lying to agents about his covert leaks to the news media.”

    No, i don’t want to know what the FBI was up to. That would just be unpatriotic of me.

    • I want to know what they were doing using the taxpayer’s money, our money, running interference for the campaign of Madame PIAPS.

      • IF Shep actually believe this crap that he is spewing, he seriously needs professional help. The boy has gone more than just a little buggy.

      • Why would that even matter? Assuming the Republican authored memo, is correct, And Steele was paid by the FBI and he was funded by Clinton, After being funded by Republicans for opposition research, why would that matter? in Fisa courts the motivation of informants and sources is not relevant to the question of whether the information they provide is true. Cases are made every single day on the basis of testimony and evidence provided by people whose motives are anything but pure: gangsters, jailhouse snitches, angry spouses, whatever. It’s not as if the authorities just take their word for it. Information has to be corroborated, and apparently the FISA warrant application process is particularly demanding in that regard. Just from what is leaked we know the FBI investigation started before the Steele Dossier and papdoplous had blabbed about connections between Trump and the Russians. Not to mention Carter Page in a letter three years ago, claimed to essentially be an employee of the Kremlin. It seems to me Shep is correct and this reaching for straws.

        • I think there’s a discrepancy between suggesting that the court would have no interest in knowing the context of information, along with knowing everything else, from their not automatically discluding it because it comes from a source with a stake in the game.

          As far as Papadopolous goes, good luck reading a timeline of the Russian comtremps and coming to the conclusion that the FBI opened its investigation with Papadopolous telling the Australian ambassador that Russians had Clinton emails. That might be what they’re saying was an “official” opening, but they were busy circumventing strictures on the sharing of intelligence internationally and leaking things to the press long before that.

          • The key question here is…..if the FBI director said at the time that even part of the dossier was “salacious and unverified”…….how on earth could the same FBI try to use even part of it to get a warrant?

            Also the way I read the time line the Papadopolous excuse only works if you forget that the FBI had tried to get a FISA warrant before he said anything to the AU people….and they were turned down.

          • Key question? Really?

            I have no doubt that many times documents/evidence presented
            to (or collected by) the FBI is “salacious and unverified” — think Mafia and drug
            kingpin El Chapo.

            I respectfully disagree that this would be a reason for the FBI not to investigate it further.

          • Well, respectfully, the argument about a stake in the game has never made sense to me. I mean by that logic, the whitewater investigation never should have happened, since it started with accusations from the Arkansas project which had conservative financiers.

            But everything I’ve read indicates the Russian investigation started with Papadoplous, and not the dossier. From what I’m reading of your argument, you think that might be flawed. I’m open to that perspective if you care, to share any info on it (If not, I get it, I like to debate, but that doesn’t mean I feel like looking every article up I’ve read because a random person on the internet asked for it. )

            Also, Regarding FusionGPS and political bias if it is biased why was it hired by conservatives initially, for the first leg of research? I mean an explanation is always possible, but it seems at that level of the game, people wouldn’t seek out a research firm that was gonna bite them in the rear or had leanings the other way. I suppose the group that hired Fusion were never trumpers, but that was most of the Republican establishment early on.

            Finally I agree this is different than a bank robbery, but my point was just that, the burden of proof (again from what I’ve read) is high in a FISA court, meaning the Dossier would have been only one piece of evidence put forward to get a warrant. Anyway just my two cents. thanks for replying. Cheers.

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