Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five videos:  and Greg
  • Wednesday numbers: Sean Hannity-Tucker-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • NBC execs loved Megyn’s SotU gig.  Q&A: Shannon Bream.
  • Video: Tucker and Joe discuss
  • Tomi is sorry.  ‘Fake news’ in action.  In CNN we don’t trust.
  • Joy Reid: Only Fox News viewers have ever heard of MS-13.
  • The Morning Joe formula: fawn over a guest, then shank him.
  • Mika cuts off Wolff; Wolff slams MoJo; twitter rips everyone.
  • Andrea representing herself after three legal teams quit case.
  • Kathy Griffin calls New Year’s show without her a dumpster fire.

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    JAN 30 2018

    FOXNEWS 11,500,000
    NBC 7,100,000
    CBS 7,000,000
    ABC 5,400,000
    FOX 3,600,000
    CNN 3,100,000
    MSNBC 2,700,000

    • Since I am obsessed with ratings, I have to note those are preliminary numbers. Below are the final ratings. Note Fox News had more 25-54 year old demographic viewers than CNN & MSNBC had total viewers.

      Ratings 9:15-10:15 p.m. ET
      Network: Total Viewers / A25-54 demo
      FNC: 11,705,000 / 3,334,000
      NBC: 7,055,000 / 2,590,000
      CBS: 6,990,000 / 2,100,000
      ABC: 5,400,000 / 2,074,000
      FOX: 3,600,000 / 1,500,000
      CNN: 3,111,000 / 1,321,000
      MSNBC: 2,674,000 / 659,000
      FBN: 572,000 / 102,000

    • the only anti-Trumper he hasn’t gleefully supported is Kathy Griffin, and I suspect that’s only because he figured he couldn’t get away with it

  2. Without having read the SOON TO BE RELEASED FBI MEMO, the MSM is frantically working to marginalize it’s accuracy, importance, …and whatever.

    #PANIC ?

  3. Public service post:
    So the best thing about the Amazon Echo is when the fellow from Pakistan calls to say, “This is Stanley David from the Windows IT Department, can I speak to Mr. Larry?”, he can hear me say, “Alexa, hang up on this guy.” before she does..

  4. Re: “Joy Reid: Only Fox News viewers have ever heard of MS-13”: News 12 Long Island viewers have heard of MS-13, Joy, and they’re not all evil right-wingers. In fact, I’d assume that most talent at News 12, in all tri-state area regions it serves, share your politics.

    Look at me addressing Joy as if she reads this site. How silly am I?

  5. Great (and scary segment) on nihilism (my new word of the day replacing ‘cuckold’) making me terrified of the new Democrats ever coming to power. Also left me wondering if the Mr. Concha home studio has a cityscape backdrop?

      • Please don’t think I’m not pleased for you, over the time this provides for you and your family, but in watching the vid, the sound quality seemed just a tad off.

        I don’t know if this was on your end or was Fox.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
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