Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five videos: SotU reactions/analysis
  • Tuesday numbers: SotU/Fox-Analysis/Fox-Dems/Fox 1-2-3.
  • Fox tops cable and broadcast for SotU.  Mr Bill gig ‘tanked‘.
  • Greta rips Nicolle Wallace for SotU slam.  Aly’s ‘fake news‘.
  • Trump needled Todd at luncheon with anchors (sans Shep?).
  • Ingraham videos: SotU reactions/analysis
  • Flood: That was then, this is now.  CNN’s massive blind spot.
  • January program ranker: FNC holds seven of the top ten slots.
  • Tucker video: Why is Dem Rep honoring
  • CNN analyst compares Trump to Nazis…then tweets resurface.
  • Bad MSNBC graphics.  Andy & Andy moonlighting.  Blame Apple.

52 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I think Ana Navarro‏ has to have an over the top hatred for TRUMP to stay as a CNN Contributor or she’ll be out of work! ???

  2. Joe Concha, I think you are officially a celebrity now, appearing on Hannity’s show on the Big SOTU Night. Good appearance! They really should declare you an official Fox News Analyst.

      • Howie has an impressive streak going. I think he told me once he hasn’t taken a vacation in many years that would force him to miss a show. Think about it: even going back to CNN, do you ever recall a fill-in host?

    • Thanks. It was a quickie but the good news is that was done from my new home studio. Hopefully you couldn’t tell the difference.

      Usually have to trek into the city. 4 hours for 5 minute segments is no way to go through life, son.

  3. I thought the SOTU address was great. I watched it from start to finish early this morning on DVR. I did not watch the Democratic response. I did, however, hear cheers at the end of it when I went to the Newsmax website a few minutes ago to see Bill O’Reilly’s reaction. After the host that interviewed Bill said the speech “fell flat,” I quit watching and closed the page.

      • “…she’ll need Patreon.”

        Why would Greta need Tequila?

        All I can think of is perhaps to loosen her up a little for a livelier show?

        Oh wait…that’s Patrón…not Patreon…never

        • I don’t think O’Reilly took the gig because he thought he was going to blast to the top of the ratings. Most people have no clue what Newsmax tv is, let alone how to find it on their ‘dial’. It wasn’t really O’Reilly that tanked, it was Newsmax tv – they don’t have enough distribution to do otherwise.

  4. Re: “Mr. Bill gig ‘tanked'”: Outside of the outrageous headline and sentence in the link, I didn’t sense any gloating. But what ratings are we supposed to expect? It’s Newsmax! If i24NEWS, OANN, The Blaze TV, and Fusion can’t compete with the three cable news channels, neither can Newsmax. It’s like comparing PewDiePie‘s (pronounced “PEW-dee-pie”) YouTube subscribers and video views to the subs/views for Game Sack. I mean no offense to the channels I referenced. I’m a loyal Game Sack subscriber and viewer.

    • I also see your comparison means Game Sack is great (which it is) and PewDiePie is garbage (which it is).

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 ‘fake news’
    4 blind spot
    3 Greta rips
    2 Trump needled Todd
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN analyst compares Trump to Nazis…then tweets resurface.

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