Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Dear Megan. When the corporate culture of your new employer celebrates the likes of Jane Fonda more than you, job security is an issue.

  2. If Judge Napolitano were to be appointed to the Supreme Court, his rulings would probably enrage both the left and the right. I think this would make him an awesome Justice.

  3. All signs point to CNN Head Jeff Zucker having a problem with women.

    He won’t allow Dana Bash out of contract to pursue a job on Sunday News Show, which is currently male dominated.

    He has few female anchors (none after 4 pm),

    He likely knew and tolerated Matt Lauer abuse at NBC.

    Also notice Stelter and the other CNN media “reporters” haven’t reported on any of these items, likely under Zucker’s orders.

  4. I liked this from Tucker in his Variety interview:
    “All of a sudden, I’m seeing people how are smart and humane and decent who really seem to believe that everyone who disagrees with them is evil and they are in ultimate possession of the truth,” says. “It’s starting to scare me a little bit.” Such a sentiment “is a really dark path to go down, a really destructive mind-set.”

    • It is time for NewsCorp (or whoever the hell she is suing) to ask the judge to order a psych eval of Tantaros.

  5. I may actually watch the State Of The Union address tonight. Trump is entertaining. I think the Democrats are following up with angry representations of each of their constituencies and a relative of the cad who drove a girl off a bridge and left her to drown. #hertoo I don’t know if FNC is carrying anyone but him.

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