Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: making
  • Reliable Sources: Bad Fox Newsbad Fox II; bad Fox III; Van Jones.
  • F&F video: Abby, Jeff, and daughter Isabel
  • CNN panelist unleashes tweetstorm after bizarre segment.
  • MSNBC mum on Ford.  Q&A: Jeffrey Toobin.  Sunday talkers.
  • Hannity’s twitter account disappears, returns.  Lachlan’s way.
  • Video: Tucker and Joe Concha wonder if CNN is

27 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Stick around for Joe C’s parting line to Tucker in the video above. It’s worth the 4 plus minutes to get there.

      • I know, me too. He basically told Tucker to go enjoy having some guy ____ his wife this weekend.

        It was either the best dismount in cable news history by Joe or the worst. I just wish we would have got a better reaction face from Tucker; but I think in his mind he had already moved on to the camel beauty contest.

        • Oh no… I was just mocking the story in my own awkward way by making it sound like cuckolding was a mainstream thing we all do with our weekends. All in good fun.

          • haha……I know you were joking with Tucker. It was just one of those “rewind the DVR / did I just hear what I think I heard” moments.

            Tucker seemed completely unphased……he’s the best.

  2. Topic switches from Trump being crazy to CNN being crazy. Resisting temptation to photoshop Acosta and Stelter in matching straight jackets.

  3. In the past, I would enjoy watching the GRAMMYS for the live performances, but today the price of listening to them talk is way too high. Also, I am old and think too much of today’s popular music is crap. Get off my lawn.

  4. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Lachlan’s
    4 part one
    3 losing its mind
    2 MSNBC mum
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 CNN panelist unleashes tweetstorm after bizarre segment.

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