‘Well, Shep, That’s Certainly Your Opinion…’

J$P Video! Shepard Smith warns viewers about Devin Nunes and his memo; a tense exchange with Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics follows:

From Shepard Smith Reporting 25 January 2018

18 thoughts on “‘Well, Shep, That’s Certainly Your Opinion…’”

  1. Smith is an arrogant fool who would be happier elsewhere. But, I guess that he enjoys insulting the intelligence of the viewers at Fox with his bovine excrement.

  2. Surprise Cuckold Nose Sheppard Smith didn’t read the CNN article on Cuckold Love on Live TV that freaking Parasite

  3. I don’t get Shep saying that the Fusion GPS dossier has not been discussed. As though the media and pols have been very careful not to make conjectures over it in the way that’s not the case with the Nunes memo.

    • I get it perfectly. Shep has decided to outright lie about the news. Mabye he wants fired so that he can become a martyr to the Left.

      • The irony is that in the midst of chiding his guest, Republicans, Trump, and obliquely…his own network…as being conspiracy mongers, Shep is not above suggesting that there’s a conspiracy among those same people to discredit the investigation and the people who report it (all those good journalists Shep doesn’t work with…)

        Everyone else can talk about collusion and throw around the words “treason” and “cover-up”like its all a foregone conclusion, but let’s shut-down any talk that isn’t to that narrative.

  4. Shep was incredibly unfair to Nunes who took a break from his committee duties until he was cleared of the BS Shep accused him of. Shepard also used Dem talking points in acting like the Republicans were equal founders of the Russian bogus Trump dossier. A few Republican Trump haters may have used the same outfit to look for some dirt, but the DNC and Clinton funded a whopping twelve million dollars that actually payed for the Russian crap. If Shep has switched from anchor of a news program to political commentator, he’s become a dishonest one.

      • From The Cable-gamer last night:
        “Free Beacon funded standard political oppo research, domestic stuff. The dossier didn’t exist until the Democrats took over the Fusion project and Steele was hired.”

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