Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: The Five and missing text messages.
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Hannity-Tucker Carlson-Maddow 1-2-3.
  • Kurtz stands by report that NYT reporter called Trump ‘racist’.
  • Video: Judge Nap calls judge in Nassar case
  • Somerby: Joe and Gene were crazily wrong about the shutdown.
  • Anna: It’s a boy!  Exclusive! Megyn Kelly goes shopping. W/pictures!
  • Teleprompter failure as Kirsten Powers subbed for Kate Bolduan.
  • Video Q&A: Bret Baier.  Joe moonlighting.  Video: An

18 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. There are plenty of residual reasons for left-of-center folks to dislike Megyn Kelly from her Fox News days that make some sense. Then she tried to pivot to the center / mainstream and lost most of her support on the right.

    Yet this asinine overreaction on behalf of the honor and sainthood of Jane Fonda of all people, and using that as the wedge that is supposed to topple Kelly completely is an absurd piece of theatre. It appears that Kelly would have been smarter to leave it alone. However, it actually was Fonda that kept dwelling on and rehashing the initial ‘incident’ in other appearances. Kelly was correct in her much-ridiculed segment from Monday that Fonda has practically promoted her extensive plastic surgery before. How Kelly was supposed to guess that the subject was suddenly off limits is beyond me or any other sane person.

    I don’t even particularly feel like being on Megyn Kelly’s side. She is guaranteed $20+ million annually for multiple years whether her blah morning chat show lasts another month or whether her blah newsmagazine show ever reappears. She played the career game all wrong and miscalculated. So what? But this firestorm is stupid beyond belief. Let it be anything else that sinks her.

    • Oh i don’t know about that. She tried to warm up to that crowd but should have known better. Might as well have sent a friendly Tweet to a Twitter Stooge. Like petting a skunk.

    • Very good points.

      Fonda also recently expressed a wish to give senior women a voice. In other words, to bring a cohort of an age where women pretty much disappear, back into public consciousness.

      Let me add that Fonda has never been shy about pointing out (or sorely complaining about) any differing standards between the sexes in our culture, and certainly as relates to Hollywood.

      The pressure to look as freeze-dried as eighty-year-old Fonda does now, should not be off the table with someone with Fonda’s rhetorical history.

      Good for Kelly for resisting the imperative that Jane Fonda be treated reverently in an interview. She is talented, a delight to look at, love her old movies, etc. However, she’s more than been around the block. It ain’t time for her to get coy now.

      • Jane Fonda deserves nothing more than our scorn and disdain. As Johnny pointed out, her “vacation” in Hanoi met the legal definition of treason.

  2. Completely Off Topic: I recently read an article where former-Fox’r Andrea Tantaros is being sued by the ‘actual’ writer of her book Tied Up in Knots. A book she claimed to write without any attribution noted. During the first week of her book tour she was ‘suspended’ by FoxNews without any clear reason. Is it possible that Fox learned of her ghost writer problem then locked her out?

  3. I’m comfortable with the thought of being trashed by the ladies of THE VIEW if they ever had a inkling of my existence.

    • I’d like to mop the floor with their heads.

      That Megyn piece sure shows you that unless there are children involved, no matter how attractive the subject, one or two pics of someone out and about is enough.

  4. Tuesday was a good night for FoxNews. The key seems to be if DJT can avoid a media outrage Fox does well. An errant tweet, stupid comment to a reporter, or new Russia leak and MSNBC numbers spike.

    I bet the suits at Fox are pulling for Gen Kelley to tame Trump’s tongue and twitter feed.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 called Trump ‘racist’
    4 moonlighting
    3 Teleprompter failure
    2 goes shopping
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Somerby: Joe and Gene were crazily wrong about the shutdown.

  6. The insuffable A.B. Stoddard was on the SPECIAL REPORT PANEL tonight which is always guaranteed to give me heartburn. The fact she is no longer associated with any publication, but instead a program on satellite called “No Labels” (something or other) is making me think she might be a transgender David Frum.

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